How To 'Add On' a Small Group Training Program for Boomers and Seniors Inside Your Gym Location and...
Or Launch a Brand New Fitness Studio of Your Own!
With Ageless Fitness, you can install the equivalent of a high-end small group personal training studio into your gym location with no extra overhead or buildout.
As a facility owner, you already have the staff, equipment, space and time you need to run this exciting program for training aging adults and baby boomer clients.  Or if you are looking for a business in a box build it from scratch program this is for you!
Live, In-Person Training & Monthly Webinars
Maximize & Monetize Your Location's Time & Space
Serve A Wealthy, Growing & Loyal Market
Why Do I Want To Train Aging Adults & Baby Boomers?

The aging adult and boomer market is the ideal market to add to your gym business for several reasons...

1. They have more than enough money to afford your training. In fact, in the United States the baby boomer generation controls the largest amount of wealth in the nation. And globally, the baby boomer generation is the third largest economy...with only the United States and China controlling more of the global economy.
2. They’ve been ignored or trained improperly by most of the industry, so they’ll be extremely loyal to whoever can solve their problems and train them properly.
3. They are ferociously loyal to their favorite businesses and love to have set routines. Once you earn their trust, they’ll never want to leave your program.
4. For people over 60, proper exercise is the best drug available. It floods them with energy and gives them a natural high.

The baby boomers are the biggest emerging segment in fitness and Ageless Fitness is miles ahead in programming, marketing, and servicing this market space thanks to being developed by the Functional Aging Institute.

Dr. Dan Ritchie and Dr. Cody Sipe of the Functional Aging Institute and created the Ageless Fitness program, an exclusive and revolutionary new fitness and training program targeting aging adults and baby boomers. These groups are the most affluent segment of the population.

Boomers have the income to afford an on-going training program, the available time to commit to a program, and the need and want to stay active and functional for the long haul.

The baby boomers have just one simple desire when it comes to their personal fitness: they want to stay active. They want to avoid feeling fragile or weak. They want to enjoy their retirement years traveling, exploring new hobbies, and chasing their grandkids around the front yard.
Dr. Dan Ritchie
Dr. Dan Ritchie was the PFP Trainer of the Year out of over 500 trainers from 8 nations nominated in 2014.

He has trained over 2,500 older adults at his training facilities Miracles Fitness.

Dr. Dan is an international presenter at conferences and has helped over 50 business owners grow their personal training business through the additon of Boomer and Senior Clients!
Dr Cody Sipe
Dr. Cody Sipe was the Idea Director of the Year in 2005

He has presented at conferences around the world on 4 continents and helped grow the Functional Aging Institute to 18 countries.

His is a world leading expert on power training for older adults.
What This Means For Your Business...
First to market - First to Profit
Think of the Ageless Fitness program as a business within a business. Better yet, this is a complimenting business within your business that’s designed to help you get the most income and outcome from your available time, space, and equipment.

The Ageless Fitness program is designed to monetize any time to maximize your income potential and community impact.

You’ll be opening the equivalent of a high end personal training studio with premium small group clients…except you have ZERO EXTRA buildout or overheard. Just sign up for Ageless Fitness and certify your trainers and you can add a bonus $120K in yearly revenue.

And that’s why the aging adult and boomer market is the perfect fit. They have the desire to train and stay fit, active and functional. They’re loyal. They have the income to afford an ongoing fitness program. And they have the time to invest in their fitness and wellbeing.

In fact, it’s been said that baby boomers are the secret goldmine demographic that will determine the biggest losers and winners among fitness professionals for the next 30 years.

That’s a HUGE opportunity for you. Being first to market in your community with a proven and scientifically designed fitness and training program will put you ahead of the crowd and in a Category of One!
Here's Why Aging Adults and Baby Boomers are the Ideal Market...
  •  They own more than 70% of the financial assets in the U.S.
  •  They are the largest and fastest-growing population segment in the world.
  •  They are the only growing and most underserved market in the fitness industry.
  •  They have huge interest in health and fitness services.
  •  Across industries, they are the most stable and loyal clients a business could ask for.
  •  On average, they’ll stick with a fitness program for 3-4 years (that works out to a retention/renewal rate of 75%). Since they are always aging, they always have a need for more training.
  •  There are over 80 million adults age 55+ including the baby boomers—making this age category the largest it’s ever been in history.
  •  10,000 people are turning 65 every day and want to stay as young and active as possible.
  •  The baby boomer market is not a niche. They control more than half of the wealth in the U.S. and their numbers are growing faster than anyone else.
And in case those numbers are too much to digest at once, here’s the most important point:
Bringing on baby boomer clients and servicing this market has the potential to add another $10,000-$15,000 per month to your business.

Seriously, just look at the math:
  •  Adding just 60 boomer clients X $199/month = $11,940/month
  •  Adding just 75 boomer clients X $199/month = $14,925/month
  •  Adding just 90 boomer clients X $199/month = $17,910/month
Of course, with the high end small group model that baby boomers prefer (and we teach you) you could even charge $249/month. At that point, you could easily clear $15K and even go as high as $22K extra per month.
  •  Adding just 60 boomer clients X $249/month = $14,940/month
  •  Adding just 75 boomer clients X $249/month = $18,675/month
  •  Adding just 90 boomer clients X $249/month = $22,410/month
And if you can get 90 clients per month at $249…that works out to over $260,000 annually that is pure profit. Of course, that won’t happen instantly, but long term it’s totally possible.

Now let’s think even bigger picture…

If you can corner the baby boomer market in your community, you get to keep expanding your Unique Selling Point to include something that nobody else has…

And you get to stay on the cutting edge and keep your position in your community as a Category of One.

And the better news is, as a gym owner you already have all the equipment you need to train baby boomers and aging adults.

And we have the program that will teach you how to market and sell to them and how to train them for maximum results without the risk of injury.

Dr. Dan Ritchie

Ageless Fitness is our new program that will allow you to give baby boomers exactly the training they need, so that you can add many more loyal, high-paying clients to your business.

Dr. Dan Ritchie, PhD and Dr. Cody Sipe, PhD, founders of the Functional Aging Institute (FAI). FAI is quickly becoming the go-to source for anything related to baby boomer health and fitness. In other words, they come with enormous credibility and a reputation your clients will trust and respect.
And now, with the Ageless Fitness program, they’ve packed their many years of careful scientific research and field testing into one elegant solution that will teach you everything you need to know about training and selling to aging adults.

Ageless Fitness is tailor-made for gym owners and 100% exclusive so that you have the competitive advantage. This means you’ll be years ahead of the competition once you add the program into your location – and there’s no better way to increase income and profits.
How Ageless Fitness Fits Into your Business
Ageless Fitness is basically a “business within a business”. And it’s designed to take advantage of the fastest growing population in the country that needs your services.

You don’t have to change anything about your existing business; you’re just going to plug Ageless Fitness right into your gym and run the model that we provide you.

We’ve set up Ageless Fitness as a “business in a box” so that it’s easy to plug into your existing gym location and start promoting it throughout your community.
Here's What You Get When You Launch an Ageless Fitness Program Within Your Gym...
  • Our products are delivered immediately
  • Two day, “learn by doing” live workshop designed to teach you how to run the Ageless Fitness program in your facility. This covers marketing, sales, client assessment, and progression.
  • A 90-Day Launch Calendar to get your Ageless Fitness operational and serving clients in a short time frame. 
  •  5 FAI Certifications for you and your trainers (per location).
  •  An exclusive Ageless Fitness owner’s portal specifically for Ageless Fitness licensed locations so that you can find everything in one place such as…
  •  Pre-made workouts and exercise videos—FAI designed and approved.
  •  Done-for-you marketing materials specific to aging adults and boomers.
  •  A new lead generation web page on your gym Location Website, specifically designed to target and attract boomers and aging adults.
  •  Monthly support, training, and coaching webinars from Dr. Dan Ritchie and Dr. Cody Sipe of the Functional Aging Institute.
  •  Addition to the Ageless Fitness directory and the FAI directory.
How to Market and Sell to Baby Boomers
  •  How to reach them and market to them over social media.
  •  Key demographics within the boomer market.
  •  Deep insights into their mindset and buying behavior.
  • How to find and target boomers in your community.
  •  Simple and immediate referral strategies that work.
  •  How to tweak your established marketing strategies for the boomer market.
The first thing to recognize when marketing to boomers is that your client avatar should not be “old people.” That’s a stereotype that doesn’t reflect how aging adults see themselves. Even though they’re 55 and up, they still think and feel like 30-40 year olds. Missing this insight was a huge mistake for previous “senior fitness” programs like Silver Sneakers and water aerobics programs.
You should also know that standard marketing practices won’t work for boomers, so Ageless Fitness has developed a smart boomer and aging adult marketing program.

As part of the program, we’ll show you the specific emotional cues that Dr. Dan and Dr. Cody have seen work time and time again out in the field. Remember, the key to all great marketing is to “join the conversation in your prospect’s head.”

For example, you’ll learn how to weave real boomer concerns like these into your marketing:

  • “I want to be able to climb stairs without trouble.”
  •  “I want to be able to travel with comfort and confidence.”
  •  “I want to be able to keep up with my grandkids.”
How Much Does The Ageless Fitness Program Cost?
The entire two-day training workshop and certification for up to five of your trainers is an optional $4,900 (for in-person training) and/or an ongoing commitment of $299/month which includes…
  •  Use of the Ageless Fitness name and logo
  •  Ongoing monthly educational webinars and training calls
  •  90 Day Launch Calendar to get your gym started quickly
  •  FAI directory placement
  •  Ongoing marketing material
  • Done-for-you workouts and programming
  •  Exclusive Ageless Fitness branding on your gym website
  •  Exclusive Ageless Fitness branding on your gym website
  •   Ongoing continuing education credits
  •  Ticket to the Functional Aging Summit
  •  Five FAI certification credits up front, with two additional credits available each month
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*Each additional location added (must be operated by same owner) will be an additional $250/month
 What size or type of gym do I have to have?
Really any size facility will work, from starting your own from scratch to a 50,000 sq foot health club, if you have training space and times available this will work in your facility.
Which course do my trainers take and how long does it take to complete the FAS or FAGES?
Your trainers get access to either course really depends on if you plan to train clients in 1-1, small group or large group settings and over time your trainers might want to get certified in both. Each course takes about 10-15 hrs to complete and comes with CEUs from all the major organizations.
What about Silver Sneakers or Medicare reimbursement?
This varies from state to state, but Silver Sneakers is an approved program that reimburses anywhere from $2-4 per attendance/visit so it may or may not be an option for your facility. Some facilities it works very well and then you charge for the Ageless Fitness training program, some facilities it may not work for.
When are the next owners training Dates?
If you're ready to fill up your gym with high-paying, loyal clients so that you can help the people who need it most and grow your business faster, then click below to apply for Ageless Fitness!
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